• Principal's Message


Dear pupils,

A warm welcome to Pawar Public School, Chandivali, the school that is committed to impart the best quality education with a friendly and supportive environment so as to nurture  promising future citizens of the global village.

As you enter our temple of knowledge, the first thing you will witness is a book which reflects Quest for Knowledge and Desire to excel. A poem written by Mark D Sanders and Tia Sillers on it expresses, ‘Whenever there is an option to choose between action and inaction, I hope you choose action and whenever there is a choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.’ We truly believe in it. We follow one religion in our school and that is education; we walk the talk.

We are focussed towards providing an environment conducive to learning where pupils feel physically and mentally safe, encouraged to learn from mistakes and be recognised and respected for their multiple talents apart from academic excellence, with the aim of promoting happiness in our school through enhanced learner well-being and holistic development.

It is our earnest effort to nurture our pupils to face challenges with grit and accept success with humility; the ability to meet with triumph and disaster and treat those imposters the same. Providing the ethical direction, we appreciate our pupils to be wise and not just intelligent, to be honest team players and not just triumphant leaders, most importantly to be empathetic and not just amiable.

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence. Fostering the love for learning, we at PPSC, ignite the young minds to gain wisdom and acquire knowledge rather than collect information.

Our pupils are always highly appreciated for being particular about punctuality, regularity at work, adherence to uniform, cleanliness, health and hygiene, respect for and to systems and attentiveness in class.

Success is achievable if everyone moves together. Our highly qualified and well experienced teaching as well as non-teaching staff speaks the same language, with a mission of providing the pupils all the possible facilities that would help them in becoming good and successful human beings. The secret of success is in uplifting and walking along, filling the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run; with a head that decides and a heart that guides. Our prime aim is to give our pupils the gift of roots and the wings to fly which in turn would enable them to imbibe the value of ‘Live and let live.’

On behalf of the management and the facilitators, I welcome all of you to this extended PPS family. It will be our endeavour to make sure that each and every moment you spend here will be a moment to cherish and be proud of.


Mr.Vijay Mirgal